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  • Kate Brady: Global Head of Next Gen DTC Connections & Innovation, PepsiCo

Kate Brady: Global Head of Next Gen DTC Connections & Innovation, PepsiCo

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🎙 New Podcast Epsiode 🎙

Hi, it’s Dana. Writing to let you know about our Season 2 podcast premiere, available now on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

How can web3 and the metaverse drive deeper consumer connections for one of the world’s leading CPG brands?

Our guest on our Season 2 premiere is Kate Brady, the Head of Next Gen DTC Connections & Innovation at PepsiCo. Kate and her team enable and accelerate PepsiCo’s engagement directly with its customers, including by leveraging web3 technologies & metaverse experiences.

In this episode, Kate

  • Explains how PepsiCo leverages web3 to forge direct customer connections

  • Discusses some of the big case studies from PepsiCo’s portfolio using NFTs, POAPs, and metaverse experiences

  • And shares key learnings and insights from the company’s web3 journey.

Here’s a clip from this week's show:

Season 2 Sponsor

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Show Notes

0:00 Episode Announcement

0:35 Show intro

2:12 Kate’s intro and PepsiCo career prior to Web3

6:28 Kate explains the Next Gen DTC Connections and Innovation Team

9:48 An overview of PepsiCo’s Web3 Center of Enablement

11:37 A walk-through of PepsiCo case studies starting with Pepsi Mic Drop

13:05 An overview of the Gatorade Player of the Year activation

15:00 Kate explains POAPs and how PepsiCo is leveraging them with the BBMAs

17:01 LIFEWTR’s activation at Art Basel

17:35 Mtn Dew’s Call of Duty activation

20:03 Kate details Cheetos / Chesterville

22:54 Kate shares some of PepsiCo’s global case studies with Sabritas and De Todito

24:44 Sponsored message from Hang

27:14 How Frito Lay used packaging to connect with consumers

29:01 Kate explains the Pepsi Mic Drop 2.0 activation

30:49 How PepsiCo measures success across the portfolio of its activations

32:37 How Kate’s priorities have shifted since the first Mic Drop activation

34:56 Kate shares trends that may drive future activations

35:57 Kate shares roadblocks and barriers that she faces in the industry

37:23 An overview of internal workings and bringing Web3 into PepsiCo

39:23 Kate’s shoutouts and job opportunities

41:20 Wrap-up

41:36 Closing

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